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Junior Golf Invitational

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It is not often that you have an opportunity to travel internationally and assimilate into the culture you are visiting. This will be one of those opportunities. We will spend time learning about the culture and history from the members of these historic clubs. We will be playing the same links courses where champion golfers have learned and competed for over 200 years.

All JuniorGolfInvitational.com representatives are professional, well vetted, travel and coaching experts. 30 years of coaching junior athletes combined with 15 years of organizing domestic and international tours. Our expertise provides all of our athletes a well organized, productive and fun tour.

2019 will mark our fourth year; in 2019 we had eight state teams participating.  We will again be playing against some of the finest players from each of these states and the top junior golfers in Scotland.

My name is Jerry Herrera. I am a PGA Professional in the Los Angeles area with a junior program that has hosted 16,000 kids to date. Last year my grandson participated in Brian`s Tour in Scotland and I can attest to the wonderful  golf courses and experience of this tour. It is my recommendation that if a parent has a son / daughter  this tour is something everyone should experience. The Volmer family is totally committed to ensuring a fantastic, healthy and safe tour not to mention the golf courses and culture.


– Jerry Herrera, PGA Professional in CA