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This is where it all began, the home of golf. It is also where I fell in love with the game. The courses are numerous and spectacular. The style of play, for me, is more interesting and fun than shooting at pins as we do in the USA. You have numerous variables on each shot, you need to take the wind, elevation, firmness, line and more into play on almost every shot. The courses often are not as green as we are used to, the Scots are not as concerned with how the course looks, but how it plays. Every small town has a local course that golfers and nongolfers take pride in. Oh, and let’s not forget, the history. Any great golfer has played and won over here, going back hundreds of years.

There are numerous towns that make for a great home base where you don’t have to drive more than 30 minutes to play 4 days or more of great golf, thus avoiding having to pack up and move every day or two.

The best place in the world for golf trips!


The Irish courses are historically built on the same type of land and by the same designers as many of the Scottish courses. The courses in Ireland are not as plentiful, requiring additional planning and organization to avoid having to pack up almost daily and travel to your next destination.  In recent years some courses have allowed heavy rough to come into play a little too often for my taste, but, in general, the courses are spectacular, great fun and the people are open, friendly and fun-loving as always.

Park City, Utah

The best Summer Golf Value in the country!